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Get the lowdown on remixing with our introductory guide!


Remix Hardwell's Mad World
Remix Hardwell's Mad World

Hardwell has teamed up with Miller Genuine Draft to give you the chance to remix his hit record ‘Mad World’, so we have put together an introductory guide to remixing to get you started! 

Dance music is founded on the art of the remix. Numerous stars of the genre broke through on the back of remixing, bootlegging and editing their favourite tracks - giving a classic track a new lease of life or repurposing a killer vocal hook to expose it to a new audience.

Nowadays, the barrier for entry is much lower too. With the right apps it is possible to create something on your smartphone that, ten years ago, would have required an expensive studio set up. So what are you waiting for - dive into our guide to remixing below and then grab the ‘Mad World’ parts at the bottom of the page.


There are no specific rules when it comes to choosing your equipment, but you need to be sure that your choices work with your workflow, style and budget. Our favourite iPhone app at the moment is iMachine. The groove production app lets you get ideas down quickly and you can sample directly from your iTunes library on your phone. If you’d rather work on your laptop or PC, the options are limitless but Ableton Live and FL Studio arguably have the best workflow for remixing.


Decide how you want to approach your remix before you start. Ask yourself some key questions. What style of track am I going to make? What elements of the original track do I want to keep? How can I add my own stamp to the final production? Ideally, you’ll be a fan of the original track but will have an idea of how you can create something unique with it.


A good remix is one is unique whilst remaining faithful to the original. You may not want to use all of the remix parts, but the ones you do choose to proceed with should be treated respectfully. Nobody wants you to timestretch a crafted vocal without key correction or completely alter the hook of the track. That is sampling, not remixing.


The most important thing with remixing is to have fun. By downloading the parts to ‘Mad World’ you have an incredible opportunity to work with professional quality sounds taken from a hit record. Enjoy the experience, get creative and make some amazing music. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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