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Grime - Single Reviews - 573

Singles - Grime - Issue 573



Mr. Kray

Livin' Legendz

Formerly known as Young Yizzy, the Lewisham MC has scrapped the former part of his moniker (he’s still fresh-faced though, at the tender age of 17) and started his own label (Livin’ Legendz). On ‘Mr. Kray’ Yizzy shows he means business — and he must have had elocution lessons or something, as he fires out his signature gruff bars with knife-edge precision. Catch him acting as both Reggie and Ronnie in the Risky Roadz-directed video, too.


'Avirex feat. Neutrino, Chip'


‘Avirex’ is an intense hit of nostalgia on this new garage-meets-grime-meets-rap tune. Over a bubbly UKG bassline and trap beat, three MC legends (including Neutrino!) span eras and genres, dropping references to ‘Pow!’ and ‘Bound 4 Da Reload’. Fekky dons some incredible Moschino garms in the video, harking back to the days of champagne bottles popping off in the club. Mic check, yeah?

AJ Tracey

'Blacked Out'

AJ Tracey

It’s actually impossible not to feel a little pang of excitement when you hear Spyro's “sounds of the Sir” tag at the beginning of a track — even more so when you know it’s AJ on the mic. Taking aim at wannabe roadmen (“Now you wear tracksuits listening to 'That's Not Me'...”), ‘Blacked Out’ recounts the Ladbroke Grove MC’s sharp trajectory, paving the way for his eight-track ‘Secure The Bag!’ EP, coming in October.


'Every Country feat. Murkage Dave'

Doing Bits Worldwide

Birmingham’s Jaykae and Murkage Dave jump on a Skepta-produced, garage-inflected beat — the pair previously hooked up on Tonga record ‘CCTV’ last year — and there’s a clear Mike Skinner influence in the mix here, with its tinkly piano bits. According to the chorus Murkage Dave’s got a “peng ting in every country” and, considering there’s 196 countries in the world, that’s an impressive quantity of peng tings.


'Lambeth Maps'


‘The Glorious Twelfth’ wasn’t even released that long ago, but south London drillers 67 continue to rep their ends on another fresh cut. Over a beat that’s so cold you're in danger of getting frostbite (produced by UK drill maker and 67 favourite Carns Hill), Y.SJ, ST and R6 of 67 spit completely addictive lines like: "Three postcodes, four-door trucks/Let’s lurk on Lambeth maps”.

Kid D

'Pay Homage EP'

Four 40

South-east London producer Kid D makes it look too easy. Responsible for some of the most melodic and emotional instrumental grime cuts going, his last ‘Dun Ya Dance’ EP was a record bag essential. ‘Revolution’ chops up Aaliyah’s ‘Don’t Know What To Tell Ya’ synth-line, while ‘No Limits’ is a dizzying myriad of vocal chops. If you don’t know, get to know.


'Scene feat. Wiley, Jammer, D Double E, Jme & Miraa May'

Cash Motto

We weren’t enamoured with the 67-featuring ‘Honestly’, the last single to drop from Chip’s ‘League Of My Own 2’. But ‘Scene’ is a cut above. Chip — who used to be brought out by the likes of Wiley as the young blood of grime — brings out some of the old guard to pay homage to the scene, with some of the best to ever do it. There’s a hilarious ‘where’s Wiley?’ bit in the video too, which is aptly shot in Jammer’s mum’s basement.

P Money

'Snake EP 2'


Clashing has birthed some of the finest moments in grime’s history, and the most attention-grabbing of recent has been between P and Dot Rotten. Incensed by Dot’s ‘Organised Grime’ freestyle, south London’s P Money wasted no time in getting to work and addressing Dot’s disses on the track — getting highly personal, ‘Snake EP 2’s lyrics go deeper than the music. Let’s see how this one plays out...