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Premiere: Pamcy ‘Fish Sauce’

Manila-based producer and DJ Pamcy cooks up three colourful cuts of culinary house on the ‘Sauce Aisle’ EP. Hear the bubbling grooves on ‘Fish Sauce’ now


Pamcy will release her new EP, ‘Sauce Aisle’, next month. 

Debuting on Jun Kamoda’s Jun Records, the Manila, Philippines-based producer and DJ follows her releases for labels like Healthy Tapes, Z Tapes and Genjitsu Stargazing Society with three colourful cuts of culinary-themed house. 

Bubbling with rich percussive beats and sweet melodic synths, each track on ‘Sauce Aisle’ will nourish your soul and warm your body. Pure, groove-infused goodness. You can hear the sizzling centrepiece, ‘Fish Sauce’, below.

The EP also comes accompanied by a free digital zine, written by Pamcy and illustrated by Jun Kamoda. The 9-page digital doc gives a nice insight into the thematic origins of the EP, which came from Pamcy’s culinary discoveries during her time spent living in Singapore. As well as describing her favourite uses for each sauce presented in the EP, Pamcy dedicates several pages to introducing her favourite electronic artists and venues in Manila. You can find the Sauce Aisle Zine here.

‘Sauce Aisle’ will be released on 5th March. Pre-order it here.