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Nene H Press Pic 1 © Kasia Zacharko.jpg
Nene H Press Pic 1 © Kasia Zacharko.jpg

Premiere: Nene H ‘Aufprall’

Efdemin, Nene H, Oscar Mulero and Ahmet Sisman sample stones and raw materials from a former coal mine industrial complex in a new compilation series by The Ruhr Museum and Essen’s Third Room Collective. Hear Nene H’s ‘Aufprall’ now

Premiere: Emissive ‘Star Mappers’

Toronto’s Emissive makes his solo debut on Pacific Rhythm with ‘Wave Science’. Hear the crisp cosmic house groove of ‘Star Mappers now’
Shanique  - (credit to Summer Eldemire).JPG
Shanique - (credit to Summer Eldemire).JPG

Premiere: Shanique Marie ‘Grow’

Shanique Marie’s debut album, ‘Gigi’s House’, lands on Equiknoxx Music next month. Hear the luxurious dembow beat and soulful spoken-word of ‘Grow’ now