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The New Jersey house legend chats us through his brand new imprint

Kerri Chandler
Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler — the man behind Madhouse and its spin-off Madtech — launched his latest label, Kaoz Theory, back in June, treating us to debut release 'Kerri Chandler presents Kaoz Theory'. It's an impeccable introduction to the label’s intended focus that includes a who's who of house music today — Seth Troxler, Matthias Tanzmann, Rick Wade, DJ W!LD, The Martinez Brothers, Detroit Swindle et al, all add significant contributions to 'KT001'.

Although a new venture for the New Jersey legend, the label name indicates a much richer heritage tied to the project, a title which traces back to Kerri's '98 compilation called 'Kaoz Theory — The Essential Kerri Chandler', which included many of his own productions as “Kaoz 6:23”.

In essence, the label is a nod — albeit from a modern day context — to the original 'Kaoz' days of house music; an era when the blueprint of the genre had spread its wings and the geographical identities of the sound were settling. Music was created with the DJ in mind as opposed to the more producer-led standpoint taken by many of today's artists.

As we see with 'KT001', Kerri has secured a veritable list of talent, all of whom deliver the goods. It’s hard to call a standout track as it bumps, grinds and shakes along from start to finish — consistency is the key — so it's certainly made us eager to hear what’s next.

The calm before the storm…

How did is start?
I felt it was time to start something that I can explore more of the gritty side of how I DJ, and to also release music from my musical family that I'm on the road and on tour with most of the time.”

Who's behind it?
I run the label with my management who have a history of running labels and have a great team working at their London offices. Aside from that it's all me and the artist we work with.”

What does it sound like?
It’s a darker sound with raw beats made for the dancefloor, but with the tone of the producer's own take on it.”

Who have you released?
Seth Troxler, Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann, Kerri Chandler, Voyeur, Stephane Ghenacia, Detroit Swindle, Seb Zito, The Martinez Brothers, Cirillo, Chez Damier, massprod, Lola Purple, Rick Wade, DJ W!ld, Jerome Sydenham & Aschka.”

Who's playing it?
I hope everyone who hears it and gets a copy.”

What's the next release?
We are working on an single by Jamie Jones, an EP from Voyeur and much more. Watch this space.”

Matthais Tanzmann 'Boxing Day'
One of the top sellers from the album. This is a great example of Matthias, great production and attention to detail.”

Stephane Ghenacia 'Mama Junk'
This has been supported by Apollonia all summer at DC10 and great to see Stephane stepping up here.”

Kerri Chandler 'Turn Off The Lights (Who’s Afraid Of The Dark remix)'
One of my own, based on a game I pay with my kids at home. Thanks for all the support on this one.”

Detroit Swindle 'Ballin'
One of my favourite groups and friends. Look-out for more from these guys/”

Davide Squillace 'Room By The Pool'
Always forward-thinking — one of my favourite producers/engineers/DJs. Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next.”

Words: Leon Clarkson