We catch up with the DJ at Space NYC for some real talk

Before Sander Kleinenberg hops on the decks for  a six-hour set at the freshly minted Space Ibiza New York, DJ Mag sits him down for a head to head of our own. For those of you that miss the mystique and grandeur of the former New York Club experience circa ’80s-’90s, Space NYC brings back the key elements (sound system and dance floor experience) Gotham once prided itself on. Combine this with Sander’s musical voice, a hybrid of deep house, techno and vocal house, and you’ve got the night of your life, which is exactly the point of dance music.


Sander Kleinenberg explains the importance of Space, his inspirations and why he would love to kiss Quincy Jones, below.


You’ve been a part of the Space family for a while. How does it feel to be at Space NYC? 

“Space Ibiza 2001-2002; Space Miami 2005-2006. I love Space NYC as its bringing back the positive elements from some of great NYC clubs from the past. Separating the boys from the men - DJs that can play all night versus only a couple of hours and who can please the crowd as the crowd shifts during the course of the night. In 2003, I would play for eight hours at Stereo Montreal, drive to NYC and spin for another four hours (after hours) and did it for two years. It was brutal but I learned a lot.”


The artwork for your logo is incredibly unique and thought provoking Do the star in front place of your eyes have a particular meaning?
“I worked with Gavin Taylor Designs on the concept. The skull is a blank canvas, which evolves as my music and life experience evolves. It also protects me in a way. While my personal look may change, the image of the skull is consistent (symbolically representing his music).” 


Sander Kleinenberg art found in Amsterdam via Facebook


As dance music fans, it’s probably easier for us to recognize our favorite DJ talent by our ears initially. How would you describe your sound?

“Building little journeys in order to create layers of energy to bring a room up.” 


What inspires you to create your sound? 

“I want to create that moment for the audience when they forget all of their problems, issues and are just loving life for what it is right now on the dance floor.”


Beyond giving people no music that make them dance when you’re on the decks, what else do you want them to feel? 

“I want them to feel the evolution of the music. The same music can represent different journeys to  multiple people. I want everyone’s journey to end up in the same happy place. I want to create a positive memory that the listeners will always have.”


Tell us what can we expect with your new release in December- “

“Gwen McCrae… a futuristic big deep house track. I want to create the ‘Music is the Answer” for today’s generation as Danny Tenaglia did in the late ‘90s.”


If you could kiss one person on the entire planet with no repercussions who would it be?  

“Quincy Jones (on the cheek). Deep respect for his evolution- Most people don’t understand and will never know the sacrifices he’s made; the people he’s lost along the way in order to achieve the great successes of his career.”


Words: Drac Guiavante Pic: j2martinez