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Premiere: Mantra 'Nocturne'

Premiere: Mantra 'Nocturne'

Rupture co-founder goes in for the label's new compilation...

Mantra proves why Rupture is THE name in jungle with haunting-but-hard cut 'Nocturne'.

The Londoner, together with partner Double O, has run the now legendary Rupture events for over a decade, becoming an integral part of the UK drum & bass scene in the process.

Their label offshoot is now an immediate go-to for any junglist worth their salt too, and long-awaited compilation 'The Fifth Column' showcases the imprint's reach, combining exciting young talent like Sully, Forest Drive West and Outer Heaven with established heads like Rumbleton and Seba.

Mantra's contribution is a hard-as-nails drum workout, contrasted by an eerie atmosphere built on carefully placed chimes, which has been getting heavy rotation on the jungle circuit.

Check it out in full below and head to the Rupture Bandcamp to grab a copy from 23rd March.

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