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Michael Woods is no regular dance music artist. He is classically trained, describes playing the piano as being ‘as natural as speaking English’ and puts out a unique, progressive sound that appeals to the mainstream without ever resorting to cheese. His latest track ‘The Pit’ is causing mayhem on dance floors worldwide and is certain to be his next Beatport hit. We sat down with the English producer and DJ to see what is next…

You have been on the circuit for some time now, but for those who aren’t in the know - please introduce yourself. Who are you and what do you do?
Hi I'm Michael Woods, I've been producing music and DJing now for over 14years. I am probably best known for tracks such as 'Warrior' and my remix of Deadmau5 'I Said'. More recently some of my tracks such as 'Clanga' and 'The Pit' have been lucky enough to grace the Beatport chart. I also enjoy a good Pepperoni and Pineapple Pizza.

Describe your sound in five words:
Bass, Kick, Clap, Snare, Hat! 

How do you think your sound has evolved over the years?
My sound has probably just matured with me. When creating music you always want to be the one pushing boundaries and making new steps towards new sounds and styles. It's important to be as creative as possible using all the resources you have available to you and not being afraid to take a risk. 

How are things moving with your label Diffused?
The label is going really well. I release most of my music through Diffused now and it has been doing very well. A side from that I am working very closely with some new DJs, producers and artists that I look forward to unleashing in full in 2014 so keep an eye out for them.

Tell us about ‘The Pit’ – your new single. 
Well 'The Pit' came about after I noticed at gigs how crazy people were dancing in the crowds. Literally guys and girls were really going for it! At that time I remember calling it ‘The Pit’ because from my view in the DJ booth that's exactly what it looked like. That was my inspiration for the track and is now the name I have for the dance floor. 

Was the drop inspired by the bass music thing going on in the UK right now? It certainly packs a hefty punch.
Not really. I listen to all kinds of music so I am always listening out for certain aspects and sounds of genres that I like but when I am in the studio I always try to be original. It's difficult to do these days because there is a lot out there but, to me, it's important to create something that I am happy with and something that I will play in my sets.

Do you think the ‘EDM’ explosion a good thing for the scene in general? And do you include your more progressive sound as a part of this movement?
I can't see it as a bad thing. Popularity happens if something is good, if it is not good it won't become popular. EDM has always been around, it has just recently captured the imagination of a lot young people and been given a universal label that some may or may not like. The important thing in music is not to get too wrapped up in labels and titles and worrying what's cool and what's not. If it sounds good and makes you wanna dance or makes you want to feel something then that’s great, job done! As for my sound I am just making music that makes me dance. If I'm smiling and moving my shoulders in the studio then that's great, job done!

We are launching our Top 100 Clubs poll soon. Which clubs would get your vote?
Hakkasan, Las Vegas. 
Ministry of Sound, London
HQ Nightclub, Alantic City
Pacha, New York
Amnesia, Ibiza

And your favourite global city to party or play in?
Las Vegas or New York.

Finally, what can we expect over the next twelve months?
Expect a lot more new music including some very special collaborations. As always I will be on the road touring as mush as possible and Diffused will be getting a lot of my attention. There are going to be some great things coming out of that label in 2014 so I'm hoping everyone is ready!