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Tiësto recently said: “Electronic Dance music isn’t for everybody. But as for me, it runs through my veins”. This makes us wonder why it is that so many of the world’s DJ greats are Dutch and why it is that as a nation, they’re full of kicks, drums, drops, idyllic melodies and fireworks.

Among hundreds of extremely talented DJs born in the Netherlands, let us take this opportunity to feature a Tiësto’s protégé and one of the most promising artists in the Electronic sphere: Jasper Helderman, better known as Alvaro.

Just 25 years old, this wonder-kid teamed up with Mercer and Lil Jon to create the hit that catapulted him to fame, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, and has also collaborated with Quintino to give us ‘World in our Hands’.

All his releases to date have shown us the versatility and true quality of his music, nailing both super heavy big room drops and beautiful melodic builds. Alvaro’s new sounds are characterised by small elements of all the tracks that first made his name in the industry; powerful percussion followed by magical, refreshing breaks.

To give you a taste of how Alvaro amazes stages worldwide, take a look at his latest release ‘Shades’ and his mind-blowing collab with Joey Dale “ Ready for Action”.